Belt Supports Baby To Walk Safely


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Great baby walkers with a harness. With the large area of Velcro, according to the baby's body, close to the baby bust, to adapt to the different size of the baby, let the baby safer and more comfortable learning to walk. And scalable condole belt can adjust the length, adapt to the parents of different height, effectively avoid parents due to pulling the baby arm dislocation. The width and thickness of the waist stripe allow for good protection to the kids' waist, parents would focus more on kids' walking.

Reinforce the regulation to protect clasp, greatly enhanced safety harness, baby double protection, products on the market before, through the test of related departments, have the toddler belt, can let the baby toddler, follow one's inclinations elongation legs let parents have no worries. It is a great portable toddler belt for baby.

The harness is great at keeping your little ones upright so they could keep their balance and helped them walk. Provide a more natural walking experience, the baby is not easy to fall. The first use of a baby may not be used to something being around their waist and under their arms, it's a normal phenomenon. For different age groups of the baby, there may be errors, resulting in the tape is not tight enough, larger, making the baby easy to use skidding, needs adults to adjust and then safe use.

Table: pure cotton,

Middle: terylene,

The back bag: plastic(non-toxic),

PP package;

Maximum supported weight:20kg; 

Bust adjustable: 50-60cm/19.68-23.62inch;

Suitable age: from 8 months up to 18 months(The data are for reference only and are applicable to normal baby's weight);

Colors: 5 color

Package included: 1 X Baby walking helper

The outer layer of the baby walker safety harness is the poly pongee, built-in soft sponge, soft hand feeling and strong air permeability. Don't help the baby in the toddler stage. To help babies learn to walk with their bare hands, with arms and armpits restricted, unable to balance themselves;
Adults have long stooped to help, and it's easier to get back pain.